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Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers about Red Woman

Game of Thrones Season 7 Spoilers : Game of Thrones has had older men like Walder Frey, younger men like Ramsay Bolton and total little bastards like Jofferey Baratheon whom we all have hated from the core of our hearts. But there’s never been a women more hated and despised than the “Red Lady” Melisandre (until the end of season 5 of course!) Melisandre the priestess and follower of the Red God or the Lord of the Light, had her own twisted ways to assist Stannis Baratheon, a strong contender of the Iron Throne, in fighting for his claim. But now that Stannis is gone, there’s nothing much left for her and it would be great to see how her journey continues from this point.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Red Lady Spoilers & Predictions :

Game of Thrones Season 7 Red Lady Spoilers & Predictions

We first saw the Red Lady in the first episode of the second season. Her actions from the very beginning declared that she’s not going to be among one of the favorite characters of the series. In the name of serving the Lord of Light, she burnt alive those who raised their voice against her Stannis or… well her mainly. With all her magic tricks, fire-ey visions, and *ahem* some “extra abilities”, she was able to convince Stannis that he is the one true king. We saw Melisandre bringing Gendry, King Robert’s bastard, to Stannis just to make some leeches suck his blood whom Stannis could later burn in the fire to ask the Lord of Light to kill his competitors for the Iron Throne (which actually worked). We saw her giving birth to some shadowy thing which took the shape of Stannis and killed Renly Baratheon. As if it were not enough we also saw her convince Stannis to burn alive his own little daughter (yeah she did!). It was till now that she was the most hated woman in the series only until the end of season 5 when everyone’s favorite Jon Snow was killed and fans really started liking Melisandre. But resurrecting Jon Snow in the sixth season isn’t the end of her journey in the series. Though by the end of season six we saw Jon sending her away rejecting any assistance from her in his future battles, there is one particular hint in the season that still goes unexplained about her.

Predictions :

Game of Thrones Season 7 Red Lady Spoilers & Predictions

Remember the first episode in season 6? Remember the very last scene? We saw Melisandre put down her necklace and transforming from a stunning young enchantress to an ugly old witch (and that too… without clothes ugh). Throughout the rest of the season, we didn’t see much of the Red Lady except for when she brought Jon Snow back and some other moments. But this particular fact about her was not at all explored anymore in the series. So, at least for the sake of this, we can expect her in the next season. Talking about her journey in the Game of Thrones season 7, we can believe that Melisandre will be headed towards the Band without Banners where we have Thoros of Myr who himself is a follower of the Lord of the Light. It was because of him bringing his friend, BericDondarrion, back from dead, that we hoped that Melisandre could do something similar to Jon as well.Thoros and the Band of Banners seem to be the only suitable place for Melisandre to go. And if she does that, then there someone else there nearby who really hates her, Arya Stark. The new faceless assassin has the Red Lady on her hit list, and we even saw Melisandre telling her “We’ll meet again” when she last saw her.If Melisandre joins the Band without Banners who happen to be near Riverrun, chances are that season 7 will be the last time we see her. This means, if at all, we will get to know more about her and probably about the followers of the Red God too in the upcoming season itself.

Hated or Loved, Melisandre has been one of the most interesting characters in Game of Thrones. It would really be exciting to see how the series continues with her story in the next season. For more updates on Game of Thrones and predictions about your favorite characters keep following us.

5 Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions that might be True !!

Game of Thrones Season 7 Predictions : The game of thrones is a highly popular TV series that got rave ratings from rotten tomatoes and IMDB. With a tight story plot and the highly acclaimed cast of characters, it has become the part and parcel of the life of the audiences. Teaser of the new season is out and has already fired up the imagination of audiences who are eager to watch each episode. So to increase the curiosity level, we have decided to list ‘Game of Thrones’: 5 Bold Predictions for Season 7 for the benefits of the viewers. Although the chances of them becoming true might vary, they would ultimately prove useful to your interest. Some of them probably are bang on target if the previous seasons are anything to go by.

5 Bold Predictions for The Game of Thrones Season 7

Game of thrones in the new avatar will be grander and quite engrossing for the audiences. As expected, people will switch on the television at the designated time to relish full blow entertainment.

Game of Thrones': 5 Bold Predictions for Season 7

On a scale of 1 to 10, it will generate a similar rating of viewership as in the past.  If the director adds more twists and turns in the plot, it will be a real icing on the cake.

 Waves of blood

Daenerys is moving towards Westeros and may clinch an alliance with Dorne before launching an all out attack on King’s Landing. From the previous season, we also know that Euron Greyjoy is creating a huge iron fleet to catch Yara and court Dany to become his wife. In short, the sea located on the coast off Dorne would witness the huge action from both the sides equipped with heavy boats and dragons.

Jon the diplomat

 Jon had been a sort of phoenix in the previous seasons as he rose from the dead and suppressed the mutineers ruthlessly. In addition, he reclaimed winter fell after defeating the opposition in the battle of bastards. Later on, Jon recognized King of North but he knows that the formidable enemy Night king is bound to strike and he has to unite the Seven Kingdoms into one unit to repel the attack.

Sansa may scale the ladder of chaos

Simmering tension between Sansa and Jon can play spoilsport in the 7th season. The show focuses on aligning the lady of winter fell and Little finger. It is quite interesting to know whether Sansa would outgun the biggest deceiver in the Game of thrones or she falls prey to the guiles of Little finger. No matter what happens, the prediction definitely adds more suspense to the current season.

Killer list of Arya

Arya will be proceeding towards the region of winter fell. In opposite direction we have Melisandre walking as she was banished by Jon for being an accomplice in the murder of Princess Shreen. Both girls are the opposite ends of the spectrum while kill list of Arya becomes longer than before. She now includes the likes of Beric Dondarion and the thoros of Myr who are also members of the brotherhood. In short, Arya will cause more bloodshed this season.

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