Game of thrones Season 7 : Who is the Main Villain of Got S07 ?

Game of thrones Season 7 : Careful for spoilers of game of thrones season 7 release date or Air date. The new and fresh season of Games of Thrones is about to begin. The shooting locations have already being finalized, and the same will commence in the month of November. Though the cast has been selected but still nothing has been revealed so far. The speculations are all about the villain being spotted in the 7th season. Though there are several options that people are talking about, high popularity has been gained by the game of thrones season 7 villain, Euron Greyjoy.People are looking forward to him in the next season so that they can have more fun, adventure, and thrill.

Game of thrones Season 7 : Who is the Main Villain of Got S07 ?

Game of thrones Season 7 : Who is the Main Villain of Got S07 ?

Euron Greyjoy – the right villain for season 7

You might have seen Euron in the last season of Game of Thrones wherein he was found claiming the Salt Throne. He was also pairing with Daenerys so that he could take the revenge.

In the current season, Euron will undoubtedly play a crucial role as you will see him taking revenge of his nephew and niece.  It will really be exciting to see how he uses Daenerys to take the revenge.Also see Game of thrones season7 episode 1 live stream

Though Ramsay Bolton was also in the race, but there are high chances that his place will now be taken by Euron who will prove to be a great villain. Even Ramsay has done a great job in the last season, but people wish to see Euron as the villain so as to increase the excitement and the curiosity among the fans.

Speculations regarding Euron

There has been a lot of buzz relating to the villain for the season 7 game of Thrones, but now it has been made final that Euron is the person. In the last season too, he portrayed his part well and in this season too he will be doing a fabulous job. During the last season, some questions were left unanswered so as to keep the interest of the people going. In season 7 you can look forward to all those answers along with some excellent performances by Greyjoy.

In the past, he has really been commendable, and that is why the audience is expecting too much from him. When asked about his character he said that there are lots of elements to it, and people will fall in love with him. Finally, he will be seen with Daenerys who is the important character of the play.

Final conclusion

It is not easy to forget the contribution of Ramsay in the last season, but we still hope that Euron can do justice and bring forth the drama on the play. Euron is one of the compelling characters of the game and therefore it is necessary to portray it well. Even he is working on the role so as to come out as per the expectations of the people.

Euron Greyjoy will surely prove to be one of the finest villains of the game of Thrones and will rock this season with the incredible performance.

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Update 1 : There Might be Another Walk of Shame in Season 7

As reported by the little birds of Lord varys one can actually see another walk of shame. This time though Cersei would be happy to hear the bells tong and shouts of shame as she’s the one whose gonna make Sand snake Tyene and Yara Grejoy pay for their sins.

According to a report by our secret sources Euron grejoy is going to make an ally with Mad Queen Cersei and look to destroy all their enemies in the season 7.There might be a definite stark reunion coming up in the later part of Season 7. Like in Season 6 there’s gonna be a huge battle in season 7 as well. Since game of thrones season 7 is shorter and confirmed to have 7 episodes only. Most probably the battle episode should be the episode 6 and speaking of battles Connor McGregor is the one whom you may look out for.Connor is conformed to be casted in 2 episodes of Season 7 where he might be well seen exchanging punches with the mountain.

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Updated: December 16, 2016 — 1:04 pm

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